Each year it is a very difficult task for the Marengo Park District Board of Commissioners to select the winning house in our Christmas House Lighting Contest. This year was no exception. If you haven’t driven around town at night, I encourage you to do so and see just how many amazing decorations are up.

This year we had 11 residents enter the Contest.  The Commissioners use a mobile form to rate five categories on a scale of 1 (Needs work) to 5 (Amazing). Those categories are:

Story Line or Theme

Lighting and Animation

Unique Design and Creativity

Display and Placement of Decorations


After tabulating all of the scores, the winners of the 2022 Marengo Park District Christmas House Lighting Contest are:

First Place: 400 8th Ave.

Second Place: 810 Doral Drive

Third Place: 916 Beaver Pond

This year, a special honorable mention goes out to Friend of Marengo Parks, Mr. Bill “Bam Bam” Rentner. Although he tried to take the spirit of Christmas away from 8th Avenue with his hand crafted “BAH HUMBUG” sign, he failed.  I’ve been told that after receiving a very special Christmas, he shed a small tear and the Spirit of Christmas returned to his heart.

On behalf of the Marengo Park District Employees and The Board of Commissioners, may you all have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday season and a Blessed and Prosperous New Year.

Marty Mohr, Board of Commissioners President

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