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For more information about the Marengo Park District Foundation or to make a donation or gift contact our Director, Dr. Dan Bertrand at or call 815-568-5126.


     The Marengo Park Foundation distributes funds to support recreational programs and park projects for the Marengo Park District. Financial support in the form of a memorial gift or commemorative gift can also be made for things ranging from updating/ renovation of a room, planting a tree, buying a park bench/picnic table or paying for a special project. Financial contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated. 


     The mission of the Marengo Park Foundation is to aid the Marengo Park District in the collection of funds through donations, estate gifts, community events and sponsorships and to redistribute the funds for the enrichment of park and recreation programs and services.


       The Foundation was originally established in 2012 as a not-for-profit corporation to help benefit the Marengo Park District residents.  It was reestablished in April of 2022. The Park Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization. The Foundation Board of Trustees consists of six members who are appointed by Park District Board of Commissioners.  The current Trustees are Aimee Ritter, Amy Thiede, Julie Jennett, Vera Rimnac, Hollie DeRose and Colleen Helfers.

The Community Foundation for McHenry County

     The Marengo Park District Foundation has partnered with The Community Foundation for McHenry County (CFMC) for our charitable giving.  The CFMC is governed by a Board of Directors and has full-time staff with extensive knowledge of community issues and needs.  The CFMC has over 20 year’s experience in McHenry County providing philanthropic services to agencies like the Marengo Park District.  These services include: investing and managing donated funds and acquiring the highest yields possible by pooling donated funds.    Additionally, CFMC is able to accept a wide variety of assets and can facilitate complex forms of giving such as stocks, property, life insurance and any other contribution of monetary value.  CFMC handles all the administrative work of charitable giving by filing annual tax reports and providing due and compliance with laws and IRS regulations.  The CFMC will help market and promote park district projects to solicit funds.


     The Marengo Park District is a municipal government agency established for the purpose of providing recreational parks, facilities and programs for the community. The Park District is governed by five elected commissioners- President, Marty Mohr; Vice-President, Veronica Kearney; Treasurer, Donnie Bottcher;  Secretary, Bryan Neubold and Commissioner Josh Ruffner.  The boundaries of the park district are the same as the City of Marengo.

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